Hortatory Exposition

Case: The government will increasing the fuel price.

The Impact of Increasing Fuel Price

In this country now are crowd talking about the government’s plan to raise fuel prices. Many of the pros and cons that come along with this government plan. But, a lot of discussion does not consider the adverse effects that will occur to many people.

First, low income families will spend a lot of money to buy fuel which has high prices, while their salaries are not increase.

Second, raise the fuel price will influence the price of other main necessities such as rice, palm oil, flour, eggs, herbs and so on. The increase in prices of main necessities will certainly affect the income of small traders. They will hard to get profit from their sales, because the selling price of their wares in the market are expensive, while buyers tend to want a cheap price.

Third, if fuel prices remain increased that will complicate the home industry, because they have to buy fuel that used for production. Meanwhile, if they raise the price of their production will lose their customers because their customers consider the price of production is too expensive so it is difficult to compete in the market.

Furthermore, the increase of fuel prices can also be difficult for drivers of public transport such as buses, bajaj and other vehicles that use fuel. Cause, if fuel rises inevitably transport rates also increased. This will reduce the number of passengers of public transport. So, the income of the driver is reduced, too.

Finally, students who use public transport facilities for school also must feel the impact of rising fuel prices if the government really realize the plan. they have to spend more money for public transport. Imagine, how much money they spend each week which can be saved to buy books of supporting their learning activities.

For those reasons, we think the government should not increase fuel price because it is so burdening many people. We recommend the government to increase oversight of subsidized fuel sales in order not to be abused by the big industries that should not use subsidized fuel in its production. The government also must declare the use of fuel that is not subsidized like pertamax for people who can and do strict penalties for those who violate.

By Siti Fatimah and Mei Syaroh
Class: XI A3

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